Dr. Salem Abdelrahman Al Bakri

Director General of Al Andalus Schools

  • Graduated from the Faculty of Education, Qatar University in 1988, then he got a special diploma in 1990. In 1990, he got a master's degree from Cairo University and in 1996 he got a PHD in educational philosophy from the same university in 1999 with an excellent grade with honors
  • Dr. Salem was assigned to manage and supervise Al-Andalus Private Schools from 1998 till the present time. .
  • Member of the Education Committee of Qatar Chamber of Commerce .
  • Dr. Salem started his professional career as a teacher at the Ministry of Education in 1986, then as a deputy for several schools in the State of Qatar. From 1996 to 1998, he worked as the principal of Doha Secondary and Qatar Secondary Schools for Boys.
  • Dr. Salem was assigned to manage and supervise Al-Andalus Private Schools from 1998 till the present time.
  • Dr. Salem is Founding member of the Arab Federation for Private Schools of the Arab League.

The school follows the National curriculum standards of the state of Qatar

    • The Qatari National Curriculum forms the basis for the academic subjects and content of school teaching and learning experiences in all educational applications. The school diversifies and enriches the educational process with multiple activities and means to enhance students' experiences during the school day and throughout the school year, providing students with a rich and supportive environment
    • Our school is committed to following the policies and procedures of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and takes into account all the circulars issued regarding curricula and learning resources from the Curriculum and Learning Resources Department at the Ministry.
    • The school provides enrichment worksheets designed in accordance with curricular standards to support student learning
    • The school allows students to see a wide range of diverse learning sources. There is a committee formed by the school to sort and purify learning resources from content that contradicts the customs and traditions of the Qatari society and the values and principles of the true Islamic religion.
    • We are working in our school to achieve the national curriculum standards for all academic subjects set by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and according to the target percentages, and through training sessions and meetings, we direct our teachers to adhere to them and adopt them in their daily, weekly, monthly and annual plans to ensure the targeted performance in each subject, and we guide them to help our students to Achieving course standards with excellence.
    • Integrated with other subjects, our school teaches the following subjects: Arabic, English, Mathematics, General Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Islamic Education, Social Education, History, Geography, Information Technology, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Family Culture, Value Education, Procedural Research Skills and Scientific Terms. NB: Arabic is the language used to teach all subjects.

Alandalus Educational Complex

The complex is located in the Masrouhiya area of ​​Al Daayen Municipality, south of Lusail on the North Road, with a total area of ​​129,000 square meters. It includes the three Al-Andalus schools, which are Al-Andalus Primary School for Boys and Al-Andalus School. Teaching, learning and working with the Holy Qur’an has been a primary goal of Al-Andalus private schools since its inception; Because it is a way of life, and in order to achieve this goal; It was necessary to pay attention to young people, take care of them, and prepare them according to a well-thought-out basis.