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The Achievement of schools of Al-Andalus Complex are clear and go beyond counting. Since we are in the digital age, and modern technology, therefore, the ability to provide a ( distance learning) platform in which there is everything a student needs to keep pace and achieve success, is on the top of our many achievements.


The Schools of Al Andalus offer its services to any student who meets the admission requirements contained in the private School admission policy issued by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the state of Qatar.

The Educational System

In the schools of Al-Andalus, we follow the Education System followed in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education by applying the standards of the national curriculum of the State of Qatar. Our educational system also attaches great importance to attracting parents and the community

The schools Magazine

The schools of Al- Andalus Complex has a magazine , through which institutions and directions are provided, which contribute to supporting the positive behaviour of students and encouraging them to take initiative, inculcate noble values and ethics, instill self- confidence, and the ability to take responsibility.

A Brief on Al-Andalus Schools Complex

The Complex of Al-Andalus Schools is located in the Masrouhiya area of Al Daayen Municipality, South of Lusail on Al Shamal Road, with a total area of 122, 000 Square meters. It includes the three Al-Andalus Schools, which are Al-Andalus Primary Private School for Boys, Al- Andslus Preparatory Scendary Private School for Boys, and Al-Andauls primary , Preparatory Secondary Private Schools for Girls, in addition to the Global international Academy and Kindergarten. Each school building consists of classrooms equipped with the latest technologies devices used in education: smart boards, and advanced audio- visual aids. Each of the Complex's schools designs scientific laboratories equipped with the latest tools and materials, computer labs, and drawing rooms ( for visual arts) . In addition to the various activities halls, covered and air - conditioned gymnastics, which are luxurious, and observe the most accurate health and safety systems. We are also proud of the presence of open outdoor playgrounds for various games, including a squash court, in addition to a swimming pool، and a canteen in each school equipped according to the latest standards and accommodates 360 individual. Each school includes an air - conditioned queuing yard, and a school theatre equipped with the latest display and acoustics techniques.

Educational Goals

Providing distinguished and diverse learning opportunities for students that raise the level of their educational attainment and encourage them to think,innovate and be creative.

Supporting the positive behaviour of students, encouraging them to take initiative and take responsibility.

Providing safe and attractive opportunities of learning that meet the students' needs and develop their abilities

Supporting the social social, psychological and physical development of students and promoting their cultural and environmental awareness.

Consolidation of Islamic values and pride in Qatari traditions and cultures, openness to diverse cultures, and respect for others.

Developing the performance of employees, providing a high level of professional development, training and opportunities for exchanging experience.

Raining the level of parental and community participation to support and develop the educational process.

Continuous institutional development to ensure the quality of the educational process.


Alandalus Girls School

Alandalus Primary School for Boys

Alandalus Secondary School for Boys



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Dr. Salem Abdelrahman Al Bakri

Director General of Al Andalus Schools

Alandalus Girls School

School Complex welcomes conscious future mothers

Alandalus Private Schools for Boys

Successful future for the future generation

Massage from the management

Remember that every problem is a challenge to prove yourself and a skill to be developed.

Alandalus Educational Complex

Life is all about new opportunities and the chances it has to offer. Never let go of opportunities and be afraid of taking new chances

Dear Student,,,

Succeeding in life is easy as long as you believe in yourself. Trust yourself, and success will come along.

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